For safer in the salon:


​Hi everyone,

 As some of you already know, we are officially allowed to reopen Hair Salons!

I am now taking appointments. With that being said, in case you missed my last email announcement, I have moved Salon Suites and will now be sharing a bigger space with a new partner!  I am so excited to finally see everyone! 

Getting your hair done will be a different experience than you are used to. 

That is ok, we will just have to adjust a little bit. 

I will go over some mandatory guidelines from the County of L.A & The Board of Cosmetology that must be taken, for you as a client, when coming to your appointment. And then I will go over the sanitation procedures that I will be taking in my salon suite to help make it a safe environment for all of us.


-Physical distancing measures will be in place

-Upon arriving to the Salon Republic Building, it is mandatory to wear a face mask at all times when entering, during and after your appointment. I will not be able to provide services to anyone not wearing a mask. If you do not have one,

I will have one for you to purchase for $2 each.

  • The front doors will be locked by Salon Republic, and you must text/call me when you have arrived, and I will escort you in. 

  • Clients may be screened for symptoms. It may be visual, or by thermometer.

  • Please let me know asap If you have been experiencing any symptoms prior to your appointment, you will not be allowed in, due to infecting any staff or other clients.

  • We will need to reschedule for a later time. All late fees will be waived during this case. 

  • Please come alone to your appointment.

  • Only a person receiving a service is allowed in the salon. Unfortunately we can not have any other guests, family members, or children with you in our building during your visit. They are more than welcome to wait outside of the Salon Republic building.

  • Please use the Hand Sanitizer located at the front desk, or you can use the bathroom to wash your hands before entering my salon suite.

  • If you are getting color done, please wear a mask that is looped around your ears, or a mask that you won’t mind getting a little color on it.

  • Please bring only necessities in with you.



Inside My Salon Suite:


  • The building has provided us with an upgraded ventilation system with UV light filters that kill viruses in the airstream 

  • My partner and I will be 6ft. apart in my new space 

  • I will be cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces, handles, equipment, & implements after each guest with EPA products

  •  Clean, disinfected capes, smocks, towels available at all times

  • Removal of any non-essential items throughout my space will be implemented. 

  • In example: drinks, magazines

  • Initiating less contact for payment 

  • I will be discontinuing the practice of handshaking and other non-essential contact

  • As much as I want to hug all of you when I see you, this is not allowed

  • I will be wearing a mask or face shield. This will effect my normal conversation. I will be conserving energy while working throughout our time together

  • Discontinuing the use of shared food and beverage equipment



I understand that this is a big change to your normal service, but it is all for a good reason. Please help make all of this as smooth as possible and as safe as possible. I understand if you do not feel comfortable returning at this time. I respect that 100%, and can’t wait to see you again when you feel the most comfortable.

Your participation is so important and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Please relax and enjoy your services!



Sarah English